Wednesday, 21 June 2006

dulu 4, kini 3

Sejak aku mengetahui bahawa course Electrinonics and Electrical Engineering with Management (MEng) discontinued, aku terasa nak terus buat BEng shj. Tak jadi tuka MEng . Kalau buat MEng mmg la best dapat duduk UK lebih lama, experience student life lagi lama, boleh jalan2 merata2 dan menambah ilmu. Cumanya kalau buat MEng kena amik Course Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Lain daripada kerja yg aku buat, Electrical Power. Lagipun plan asal aku mmg nak buat 3 thn pun. Cepat sikit kerja, cepat habis kontrak. He he.

Anyway, keputusan akhir hanya akan dibuat time registration 3rd year. Semoga dapat hidayah pilih yang terbaik.

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Balik Kampung

The long waited time has come . It's balik kampung day! InsyaAllah aku akan bertolak pukul 1800 dari heathrow bersama Syed Farid. Doakan keselamatan kami dalam perjalanan.

Next year aku tidak akan duduk flat 6 ni lagi. Sedih jugak nak meninggalkan area Edgware Road ni. Makan, transport, beli barang semua senang. Tak lupa juga kat flatmate semua, lepas ni tak semua akan duduk sekali lagi. Kenangan hidup bersama akan kuingati. Jaga rumah elok2 sebelum kontrak habis!

Kalau nak contact di Malaysia, call no rumah, mobile tak ingat pula. 0380602458.

Selamat tinggal flat 6, selamat tinggal London, selamat tinggal kota yang penuh cabaran. Semoga kepulangan ke Malaysia ini diberkati. Amin.

Sehingga bertemu kembali.

Thursday, 8 June 2006

Tenaga Percuma - Free Energy

The first time I heard about free energy is when I watched an interview with a British hacker, Gary McKinnon at BBC. He said actually the ufo is a kind of flying ship developed by the USA using free energy technology, not unknown flying device. He urges that this technology should be made available to the public but the US Goverment keep it secret.

So, what is free energy?
Free energy: Energy you did not have to pay anyone for; (There is still
the cost of whatever apparatus you use to gather the energy and convert it to a usable form example: water flowing in a stream can be put through some type of 'turbine' that converts the free energy of water movement into electricity for use.)

  1. Fueless engine
    This engine does not use petrol, gasoline or any other fuel. It is higly efficent and can be used to generate AC and DC power. Most importantly, it does not pollute the environment.
  2. Homemade Batteries
    The interesting thing about this battery is it uses Clorox Bleach! Lifetime of this battery is estimated about 15 years!!
Drinking Bird edited from phy

To read more about free enery try this. I would suggest you to visit Jim's Free Energy Page to grab some basic idea. I hope one day I can investigate and do some research on this kind of technology and make it available to the public in Malaysia and the world. If anyone are interested to do this project together, just let mo know.

Go Electric! Go free energy!

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

TNB vs IPP revealed

The story of unfair business between TNB and IPP was revealed today in thestar.

Ani: TNB got a raw deal

WHEN the Government decided to approve the request from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) to raise electricity tariffs, the plight of the national utility took centre-stage. Naturally, the knee-jerk reaction among consumers was not favourable. The 12% rise in tariffs appears to have re-ignited the debate on how good the going is for independent power producers (IPPs) at the cost of the national utility’s cashflow. The imbalance between the generation side of the business and that of transmission and distribution has put a strain on TNB. To understand the privatisation of the power generation sector, one needs to take a look back in history to understand that the country's IPPs came about as a result of the Government's effort to address the issue of stable power supply after the landmark 1992 blackout. Lending a historical perspective to the issue of IPPs is former TNB executive chairman Tan Sri Ani Arope, who headed the national utility from 1990 to 1996. It was during his tenure that the first generation IPPs were created. StarBiz deputy news editor JAGDEV SINGH SIDHU has the story. More

Monday, 5 June 2006

SEAL Outdoor

It was a sunny and not so windy day. Very nice weather for shooting. Archers from all the universities in south east of England including from University of London, IC, Southampton, Reading and London Archers gathered in Kensington Palace Garden to compete in South East Archery League yesterday (4 June 2006).

As a member of University of London Union Archery club, I had the opportunity to join the competition. I shot 80, 60 and 50 yards. It was very energy draining. I was extremely tired at the fourth round at 50 yard and shot badly. Luckily, I managed make to come back next round. Generally I feel very happy with my performance and the best thing I is I managed to find the right form for me.

Saturday, 3 June 2006

Premiership Trophy Comes to UCL

Dear Colleagues,

UCL's bankers, Barclays, will be bringing the
Premiership Trophy to UCL on Monday 5th
June. The trophy will be on display in the South
Cloisters from the morning until about
2:00pm. For a donation of £2 it will be possible
to have your photograph taken with the trophy and
all revenue collected will be matched by Barclays and given to charity.

While we are on a football theme, it may be worth
mentioning that UCL Union will be showing all the
weekday action from the World Cup, which kicks
off later the same week, on TV screens in both
Huntley Street and selected bars in 25 Gordon Street.

Many thanks,

sent on behalf of:
Ben Williamson
UCL Union, Services and Events Officer