Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Exam etc.

Cuak, pening dsb. Exam dah dekat. Jumaat ni ada paper Satellite Communications. Mudah-mudah dapat jawab dgn baik.

Semalam, member sekolah lama yang kini belajar kat Rusia, BJ datang ke rumah. Lama gila tak jumpe. Alhamdulillah seronok dapat bertemu kembali. Banyak cerita dikongsi bersama, nak catch up la katakan. Banyak juga kisah silam yang disingkap kembali. Hasil perbualan ku dengan BJ, aku dapati banyak perubahan yang telah berlakau dalam diri kami. Pengalaman mematangkan manusia.

Geng rumah Perdana, ketika aku f4.

Lebih kurang 7 tahun kemudian di RoyalResidence, London

Monday, 28 January 2008

Leaving the hottie for houri

London . Paris . New York . Milan

What is the similarity between this big 4 cities? Let me give you some clues, Jimmy Choo, Zara, GAP, River Island, Gucci, Luis Vuitton and Chanel. Yeah fashion! Being in heart of fashion industry in UK had affected me in a way or another. I had been exposed to different types of clothes and fashion available in the market and starts to learn to appreciate them. Some of them are very nice in terms of design and material used. Many of my friends including me enjoy being able to have such easy access to the shops and buy them at a very reasonable price especially during the sale season.

Every time I pass through Oxford Street, I could see many posters used to promote the clothes in each shop. These poster most of them used the women models. Well, fashion is mainly for women. It would be frustrating for me sometimes to find clothes because there are very little shops that sells clothes for men compared to women in London. Anyway, most of the posters use attractive women posing to promote the new range of clothes available in the shop. Some would describe it as the hot girl. Sometimes they appear half naked or even naked while just covering the sensitive parts.

This is indeed a great fitnah! As a youth, it is very difficult for me. It is not limited to the advertisement posters, but also the people in the city, media and the environment I'm living in. As I walk along the road in central London, every now an then I will be tested, especially during the summer. While the media always show people wearing indecent clothes. I do get sometimes people including some muslim brothers talk about the nasty stuff.

This made me really feel bad as I know that staring at aurat is a sin. It harms your heart and iman. Remember the story about Imam Shafiee complaining to his teacher, Imam Malik about his difficulty in memorizing? Then his teacher said, stay away from sin, for the nur of Allah i.e knowledge will not be given to the sinner. The 'sin' Imam Shafee committed was that he accidentally saw the ankle of a women in the street which effected his memorization.

My teacher taught me that it is a form of it zina, a zina of the eye. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, considered hungry and lustful looks at a person of the opposite sex as "the Zina of the eye," according to his saying, "The eyes also commit Zina, and their Zina is the lustful look." (Reported by Al-Bukhari).

As mentioned above, zina is not limited to the big zina as what we normally understood. There is other form of zina like zina of the heart, ear, eye and tongue. Allah has ordered us to stay away from zina in surah Al-Isra: “…and do not come near Zina; indeed, it is an abomination and an evil way” (Al-Isra’: 32)

As we know, when Islam prohibits something, it closes all the avenues of approach to it. This is achieved by prohibiting every step and every means leading to the Haram (unlawful). Accordingly, whatever excites passions, opens ways for illicit sexual relations between a man and a woman, and promotes indecency and obscenity, is Haram. Therefore stop seeking or talking about the hot women and other topics related to it. Some would resort to say "We just say it, but we dont really want to do it. " This is not acceptable as it is clearly mentioned above that Allah has commanded us not to approach zina.

So let just leave this hottie alone and seek to meet the houri instead. Don't let yourself be tricked by this temporary pleasure the world. I know this is hard, but by strong will and peserverence inshallah we will be successful. Be prepared and guard yourself. Allah says,

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and to protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allaah is All-Aware of what they do.” [al-Noor 24:30]

Let us pray to Allah forgive us for our sins and give us strength and protect us from the evil.

What will happened if I die soon

Warning, this is not a 'buang tebiat' article.

Reading about the death of an activist in Malaysia made me thought of death. It will definitely come and yet we never be able to know when it will be. Death is not only for the elders. For death will never be late nor advance for even a split second. Even though the average life expectancy the people in the modern age increasing, there are many people died at young age.

When I was living alone in the student hall during my first year of my studies in London, I was wondering what will happened if I died when I was alone in my room. Who will be able to know about it? It will be too late when people notice my death when they smell the bad smell coming from my room. Will my parents and family back home know about it?

Secondly, what will happen to my many accounts in the internet sites. Who will delete the details for me. Or access my email etc if there is something important I want my family to obtain. Or will my identity remain on the net and became a ghost?

And if I die soon, what will happen to my possessions if I did not make any will now. Who will manage it and how it will be distributed. I might not have many expensive stuff but at least is is valuable and useful to me. Again who will contact my family, I believe not many of my friends have any contact details of my family in Malaysia.

This article may sounds silly. And some of the concerns expressed may reflect the sign of hubbu dunya, but I pray to Allah to cure my heart form such illness. May I died in dignity defending my deen for the sake of Him.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Why Europe Needs Islam

This entry should be posted last week, but due to work and tiredness, I had to delay it.

Last week, on Friday my friends and me got the opportunity to listen to the talk given by a few prominent speakers in Whitechapel. The talk was titled Why Europe Needs Islam. It was brought by RadicalMiddleWay, an organisation formed to fight Islamophobia through discussion and talks (this is my view, thier real objective may be different if you read in their website).

The talk was supposed to provoke people and spark the discussion about what we Muslim can offer to the European. There was three speakers invited. Dr Usama who is a scientist cleared the misconception of Islam and gives few ideas on what we Muslim can do to help the Europe and what Europe can benefits form Islam. Second talk wak given by Dr Kamal el-Helbawy. One his points that I could recall on top of my head is about the theory of clash of civilisation. Finally the talk was given by the grand mufti of Bosnia, Dr mustafa Ceric.


Baitul Maqdis Talk

Alhamdulillah, the Malaysian Muslim Students Community in London managed to organise the talk about Baitul Maqdis successfully. The number of people attending exceeds the expected numbers and food prepared was finished. I am very happy to see many of my friends especially from far away came too. Inshallah I will upload the mp3 recordings of the talk and if Allah wills, a video will be share too.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Warning Received

Bad news. I just read my email just now. M team leader sent a warning for not attending the meeting last Thursday. This makes me feel really bad. Need to produce something to make this up. Ah, tak leh main-main lagi dah lepas ni

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Ways to strengthen one’s memory and combat forgetfulness

Ways to strengthen one’s memory and combat forgetfulness
Question No 3328

I tend to forget things that interfere with my daily activities. Can you advice me any practice according to Quran and Sunnah that might help me?


Praise be to Allaah.

It is human nature to be forgetful, as the Arab poet said:

“He is only called man (insaan) because of his forgetfulness (nasiyaan), and it is only called the heart (al-qalb) because it changes so rapidly (yataqallib).”

In the past they said that the first one to forget (awwal naasin) was the first man (awwal al-naas), meaning Adam, peace be upon him. Forgetfulness is something that varies from person to person according to each individual’s nature; some may be more forgetful than others. Some of the things that may help to combat forgetfulness are the following:

1. Keeping away from sin, because the bad effects of sin result in a bad memory and the inability to retain knowledge. The darkness of sin cannot co-exist with the light of knowledge. The following words were attributed to al-Shaafa'i, may Allaah have mercy on him:

“I complained to [my shaykh] Wakee’ about my bad memory, and he taught me that I should keep away from sin.

He said that knowledge of Allaah is light, and the light of Allaah is not given to the sinner.”

Al-Khateeb reported in al-Jaami’ (2/387) that Yahya ibn Yahya said: “A man asked Maalik ibn Anas, ‘O Abu ‘Abd-Allaah! Is there anything that will improve my memory?’ He said, ‘If anything will improve it, it is giving up sin.’”

When a person commits a sin, it overwhelms him and this leads to anxiety and sorrow which keeps him busy thinking about what he has done. This dulls his senses and distracts him from many beneficial things, including seeking knowledge.

2. Frequently remembering Allaah, may He be glorified, by reciting dhikr, tasbeeh (saying ‘Subhan Allaah’), tahmeed (‘Al-hamdu Lillaah’), tahleel (‘Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah’) and takbeer (‘Allaahu akbar’), etc. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “…And remember your Lord when you forget…” [al-Kahf 18:24]

3. Not eating too much, because eating too much makes one sleep too much and become lazy, and it dulls the senses, besides exposing one to the risk of physical diseases. Most of the diseases which we see result from food and drink.

4. Some of the scholars have mentioned certain foods which increase the memory, such as drinking honey and eating raisins and chewing certain kinds of gum resin.

Imaam al-Zuhri said: “You should eat honey because it is good for the memory.”

He also said: “Whoever wants to memorize hadeeth should eat raisins.” (From al-Jaami’ by al-Khateeb, 2/394).

Ibraaheem ibn [sth. omitted] said, “You should chew resin gum, because it gives energy to the heart and gets rid of forgetfulness.” (From al-Jaami’ by al-Khateeb, 2/397).

As they mentioned, too much acidic food is one of the causes of laziness and weak memory.

5. Another thing that can help the memory and reduce forgetfulness is cupping (hijaamah) of the head, as is well known from experience. (For more information see Al-Tibb al-Nabawi by Ibn al-Qayyim). And Allaah knows best.

Monday, 7 January 2008


Without a shadow of a doubt, reading is very important and beneficial to us. One of the great leader, great thinkers, great scholars and many other great people have in common is they love to read and they read a lot.

I used to enjoy reading a lot of books and magazines. But as I grow up, I find myself becoming lazier to read. Therefore, less book read. I do understand the importance of reading but still cannot find any strength to force myself to read more. I hope one day I can change this. Amin.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

PROMO: Menelusuri Sejarah Baitul Maqdis

May we all be in our sweetest iman, best of health, and under the blessing of ALLAH S.W.T. amin...
Just want to advertise a program that is going to be held this coming few weeks
For registration, email ur name and uni to our friend shak at
Tajuk : Menelusuri Sejarah Baitul Maqdis
Tarikh : 26 Januari 2007 (Sabtu)
Tempat : Great Hall, MSD
Waktu : 12.00 ptg – 5.00 ptg
1. Memahami sejarah Baitul Maqdis daripada perspektif al-Quran dan al-Sunnah
  • Memahami sirah Baitul Maqdis daripada perspektif Islam
  • Menyentuh secara ringkas mengenai pandangan agama Kristian dan Yahudi terhadap Jerusalem.
  • Memahami kepentingan Baitul Maqdis kepada seluruh manusia.
  • Memahami siapakah sebenarnya yang lebih berhak untuk mentadbir Baitul Maqdis.
  • Memahami secara ringkas sejarah kegemilangan Perang Salib pimpinan Salahudin al-Ayyubi, dan sejarah moden Palestin.
2. Mengenali dan mencintai Masjid al-Aqsa
  • Mendedahkan bangunan dan lakasi sebenar al-Aqsa
  • Kepentingan dan kelebihan Masjid al-Aqsa
  • Ancaman-ancaman yang sedang dihadapi oleh al-Aqsa
  • Peranan kita di dalam melindungi dan mempertahankan al-Aqsa.
11.30 : Solat Zohor Berjemaah
12.00 : Kata-kata aluan dari Pengerusi Majlis
12.00 : Ceramah Bahagian Pertama
14.00 : Solat Asar Berjemaah & Makan
14.30 : Ceramah Bahagian Kedua
16.30 : Sesi Soal Jawab
17.00 : Program Tamat
Ustaz Ahmad Irfan Ikmal Hisyam merupakan pensyarah Pengajian Islam di University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) dan juga merupakan bekas pensyarah di Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Mempunyai BA (Hons) Syariah Islamiyah dari University Al-Azhar, beliau sekarang meneruskan M.Litt di University of Aberdeen dalam bidang Islamic Jerusalem Studies. Merupakan Pengerusi Himpunan Ilmuan Muda Ummah, sebuah NGO dalam membincangkan isu-isu Islam, beliau juga pernah menjadi penterjemah bahasa arab bagi stesen televisyen Al-Jazeera. Ustaz Ahmad Irfan mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam sejarah Baitul Maqdis dan sering diundang dalam perbincangan isu-isu Palestin di Malaysia.

New Year. What does it means to you?

Every new year eve, millions of people will go out from their home regardless how cold and dark the night was to gather and witness the new year celebration. Many events held to entertain the crowd. Millions spent by the government to buy fireworks and burned to show their excitements that a new year has come.

Strangely though, I didn't feel excited at all. I dont even bother to go out nor to see the new year count down on TV. This makes me wonder what is the meaning of new year to other? So I asked my friends this question through YM. Some had kindly replied my question, thanks. Some of the replies that I could remember:

To begin a new life!

One year closer to death.

Just another year

I don't know. Tell me.

I don't really see the point why must we choose particular time to start a new life. You can do it today, tomorrow or whenever you want! New year, is just another year anyway. If you use another calendar you would have it at different time, aint it.

For me, I'm not quite sure what is the meaning of the year 2008. Perhaps I will find it through my journey of life during this year. At least achieve first class, inshallah.

I think why people love New Year is, hope. The hope to make a change. Make a better life. Overcoming problems in the past etc. Hope keeps human spirit to be alive.

So, if you want to share your view on this topic, please dont hesitate to write some comments.

Nothing to write

"It is better to be quiet than talking rubbish". I think the same principle applies to writing. I am not really sure what to write right now. Even though my head is full with ideas but I am not sure how put it in this blog.

Probably it is good to share with you about the gathering I attended last week which is known as ILuvIslam Goes to Glasgow (IGTG). Alhamdulillah it was a great event. I met many friends and learned new stuff from Dr Kamal Helbawy, Ustaz Amin and Ustaz Irfan. Congratulations to the organiser. Job well done.

My country... What is going on in my country? So much problems. After one comes another. Not even single problem solved comes another. Hoi leaders, what are you doing aa?

Study. This term I will only have two full weeks of lecture. The rest is free. I need to make sure get myself organised. May Allah make it easy for me.

Sorry for the poor quality of writing. I'm not really in the mood. Felling a bit empty, somber. No fiery desire to write really.